Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Of Course Not!

Of course we bought it! It was perfect! Sure it needed a bit of work. Well yeah, the kitchen cabinet was sitting in the middle of the living room. No, all the floor tile wasn't there, yet. Details I tell you. Just details. No, the fence isn't adequate to contain the dogs and the yard is bare dirt except where it is dead weeds. But it has a lot of Potential! And look at that view!

But that's not our yard.

This is our yard.
We aren't in Kansas anymore Toto!

Now, as difficult as it was, we headed back to Idaho to sell the house and move to the tropics. Whoohoo!! I would hate for anyone to think we had gone off half cocked and bought a house without much thought and planning.
Before we left on our house buying trip to Belize, er, mmm, I mean vacation! Yeah, vacation! That's what I meant to say. We had our house in Idaho appraised. We had an agent  from a very reputable real estate agency come in and evaluate our house with the mission of pricing our it Very conservatively for a quick sale. We had explained to her before the trip that if we did in fact buy a house in Belize we wanted our house sold immediately. 
Remember back an episode or so ago I mentioned that this was all taking place in 2007? Yup, that was us! Ours was the house that broke the back of the housing market for the entire USA and possibly destroyed the world wide economy. Not only did we not sell our and leave before winter set in. We also didn't leave the next winter. Or the next or the next. And the longer we were stuck in Idaho the more we realised we really wanted to be in Belize. We took vacations there twice, for a week at a time, and spent the time walking around what would someday be our new neighbourhood. We walked into town day after day and strolled from one shop to another. We came to realise just how different life was going to be. There was no Walmart or even a Kmart. There was a supermarket that was about the size of a standard 7-11. None of these were bad things, but they were different. There were butcher shops and bakery's and veggie stands and produce trucks. Shopping was an adventure. It was fun!
And other people were living in our house. We would stroll by on the way into town and on the way home. Not Fair!
We continued to go to work. In the snow. And the ice. And the freaking wind. And in the beautiful 2 weeks of summer.
But I would have LOVE FM on my computer at work playing the tunes and new of Belize. 
I had a picture of the new house on the bulletin board next to my desk.
I painted my cubicle bright tropical colors and hung a fake parrot over my desk. Briefly. That idea got shot down pretty fast.
In my mind I was already a Belize resident temporarily stranded in Idaho.
And all of this time I continued researching and plotting and planning and slowly realising that Dang! We aren't financially or emotionally ready to leave home yet! We really needed that time to get all of our ducky's in a row. 
First step? Buy a 30' 5th wheel and a F250 pick up truck.

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  1. Interesting! Dan and i had projects in the works when we left our offices. Those were hard to walk away from. But there would always be projects. The house sale determined our departure -- but we have a detour. Can't wait for the next installment.